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When surfing the web today we are all exposing ourselves to the risk of online fraud. The information that we share while using web services travel a route from the source to the destination computer and the sender has no control over the route chosen. The route is not direct and the information passes through several intermediary computers before it reaches it's goal.

Each intermediary computer has the potential to listen in on you while you are browsing and to make copies of the information that you are exchanging with the websites that you visit. Some might even present themselves as your destination web site to trick you into sharing sensitive information, such as credit card information and other personal details.

SURFERS SHIELD is a subscription based web service that offers you a SECURE channel through which you can access the net. Surfers Shield gives you back the control over your personal data and the route it travels when you surf the web. All data is sent encrypted and through predefined intermediary computers thus makes web surfing SAFE and ANONYMOUS! You can read more about Surfers Shield and the technology that we use here.

Join Surfers Shield today and start surfing the web SECURELY and ANONYMOUSLY straight away!